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Our Work
What are we?
Welcome to Master of the Universe!

Fictional universes have become mainstream. We experience them in books, films, TV series, computer games, role-playing games, transmedia entertainment and other contexts. These universes are the foundation of all fiction and work across all media platforms. 


This is a project on how to create fictional universes. 

Chapter 1: Master of the Universe
Master of the Universe:
Chapter 1


Skærmbillede 2022-01-24 kl. 20.02.13.png

The first test chapter of our forthcoming book is now online! In this chapter we determine how we can define a story world and a story universe. Read it here

We would like to know what you think! Click here to send us some feedback.

Afspil video
Interview on world building


In this interview, Henry Jenkins (University of Southern California), Susana Tosca (Roskilde University)

and Stephen Joyce (Aarhus University) talk about world building.

About the project



Together, Jakob, Simon and Gunnar have established the network World Building Club, of which this project is a spin-off. 

This homepage and our forthcoming book is for professional artists, researchers and students seeking inspiration, insight, and hands-on tools to get started creating future story worlds and fictional universes. Through video interviews with leading international creators of story worlds and fictional universes and a discussion of existing theory, we aim to inspire advanced creative thinking and content development.


Throughout the journey, all research and interviews will be made public in a developers’ blog, and in the summer of 2023, the research team will publish a book titled MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE.

Register here to be invited to events and receive news about the project:

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